​​​Victoria Cawley was born on a very small island just off the east coast of the United States, called Manhattan. She currently lives on Long Island with her two pet goldfish, dog, both of her parents, her older brother and her younger brother as well.

Victoria was always an outgoing child and from an early age, easily made friends and was never shy around the camera. She first started acting at the age of nine when she auditioned and was accepted into the Girls Scouts of Nassau County Theatri-Gals program.

Since then she has been diligently studying with multiple groups and engaging in numerous endeavors to improve both her repertoire and her skill set. Most importantly among them is Procida Creative International with whom she has performed in many productions as well as hosting industry showcases at Carnegie Hall and 

the Triad Theater in New York City. 

In her spare time, Victoria enjoys playing volleyball on a travel team, creating videos, socializing with her friends, listening to music, dancing and simply spending time with her family and her new Siberian Husky.

She is an active eight grader who is on the honor roll, is a peer mediator and a star player on the school volleyball team.
 Her favorite subjects are English, Science, Art and Social Studies. 

Professionally she has played the role of Ruby in A Place for Owls, as part of the Estogenious Festival, where she starred as the daughter of a reformed drug addict who questions the teachings of a false prophet that had brainwashed her mother. In Witch Christmas she portrays Sally, an orphan who is adopted by two mean old witches and saved by Santa.

More recently Victoria has had the opportunity to host industry events at Carnegie Hall and play the role of a radio talk show host in Sally Six String which has provided her a forum to display the more humorous aspects of her personality.